Magento: Only registered users can view store

Here is a nice simple way to make your store only viewable by registered users. And if someone is not registered and tried to view any page they will be taken to the registration form. This can be changes so a guest is shown any page you want. this magento modification goes well with my previous post of restricting user registration to only certain email domains. So check that our after this. in your design package you have in your page folder ( Magento Folder/app/design/frontend/*yourdesignpackage*/default/template/page ) different template files for each kind of page. Example: for a page with one…

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Magento: Restrict user registration by email domain

One of my clients has put up a new Magento store which is restricted to only a few businesses they deal with. To come around the problem of only allowing employees of these businesses to register i came up with the following solution. Only allow people who own an email with the business domain name to register. Now what i am doing is a little hack to the core files which is highly not recomended so i suggest copying all these files i edit to the code/local file and edit them there so as to not modify core files. firstly…

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Magento: Copy products to another magento via API script

One of my clients has a total of 3 magento installs running and every so often they need the same product from their main one to the other 2. I am not a big fan of the magento export import feature as it always has problems. So i put together this really quick and simple php script that uses the magento API to copy a product from one store to another. I thought someone else might like to look into it to get an idea of how the API can be used to do such things. it can be slow…

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Best place to exchange currency in Sydney Australia

i like to travel a lot overseas when i can afford it and i always run into one problem before i go. Where should i exchange my australian dollars to the currency of where i am going. I have come to a way i like to do it and i thought i would share it here in case anyone else ever needs to exchange their money ( in Sydney ). One of the main reason i am posting this is because time after time i walk past places in the city that do exchanges and the rates they do are…

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