October 2013

magento disable or enable product filters for individual categories

this is a handly little magento extension i have used for a few magento installations. It adds some attributes to a category so you get a maulti select list box of all the filterable product attributes available and then you can have it either disable those attributes ( and enable all non selected ) or enable them ( and disable all non selected ) .  Such as below… you can download the extension here:  just upload the above unziped folder and contents into your magento folder. The above extension will give you these options and all but you just have…

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create pre order products in magento

so i have had a few clients needing the ability to have a pre-order of products in magento they are going to be stocking soon. and this is the best way i came to make it happen. firstly because the products wont be stocked yet, Manage Stock is set to No under Inventory when editing/adding  a product. So now to easily be able to set a product as a pre order product we need to add some attributes. So in your Magento admin go to Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes and click Add New Attribute Give it an Attribute…

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