Travelling and working holiday program tips in Canada for an Australia

So for the last 5 years i have been doing a lot of travelling in canada and working as i go. And going between Australia and Canada during different season. Here are a few little tips for anyone else thinking of going to canada for the first time, and mostly for people doing the working holiday program. What is the canada working holiday program? well check it out here:¬†https://www.whpcanada.org.au/ It is a great thing for us Australian folk who want to do some travelling, in Canada. Some of these tips may be a bit general knowledge but if they help…

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Best place to exchange currency in Sydney Australia

i like to travel a lot overseas when i can afford it and i always run into one problem before i go. Where should i exchange my australian dollars to the currency of where i am going. I have come to a way i like to do it and i thought i would share it here in case anyone else ever needs to exchange their money ( in Sydney ). One of the main reason i am posting this is because time after time i walk past places in the city that do exchanges and the rates they do are…

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