Magento allow only certain products to continue with checkout

Posted on March 31, 2014

So like always, i have a client who needs to have it so the customer can only continue to the checkout and finish it if they have certain products in their cart. this is in magento 1.7 but i don’t see why it wont work with the latest version. First you need to create a new product attribute and assign it to the attribute sets your using in your magento. In this example i have created my new attribute with the attribute code or allowcheckout and i have made it a type of Yes/No. now once you have that go…

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Magento restrict admin order grid by website for user

Posted on March 25, 2014

So this is a real quick and easy way to restrict all orders from a websites or store views in your magento for a selected user role. find this file in your magento install: /app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/Block/Sales/Order/Grid.php i do recommend you copy and edit a version of this file over to your local code folder. now around line 59 find this line

and below add this code

change these parts to your requirments: USER_ROLE_HERE = the role name of your user permissions role ( in magento: System > Permissions > Roles ) STORE_ID_HERE = The Store ID of the store view…

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Magento use the associated product images for the group product image

Posted on March 7, 2014

howdy, so i have a client who has a lot of grouped products and they don’t like having to re upload product images for the group product when the images are already on the simple product. And i too think it can be improved. So i have modified magento a bit so each time a grouped product is being viewed, if no image has been uploaded for that grouped product it uses the images from the associated products. if you would like to have a look check out my dev install here: http://dev.pixelpaul.net/magento/1-8-1/category-2.html?mode=grid the grouped product there has no individual…

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Magento use images on multiple Products

So i have a client who has a lot of the same products in magento but with slight changes, so they use the same image for them all. and as many would know, in magento when you upload a product image you can’t use it again for another, you have to re upload it again. So it would be nice to have a image template system or image set you can assign to more then one product. So i asked a friend about this, and he shared a small extension he made with me to have image sets. but you…

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lossless Images in Magento Image Optimizer

So i have always found it a problem the magento image generator.  And i am always a fan of lossless images, so is google. So here is a small extension to scan the folders you want it too and optimize the images as lossless. And you can schedule it to do it every so often. This is pritty much the GTSpeed extension but stripped out all the other features i didn’t need/want. So if anyone wants to use it download it here:  I am going to add some features to it someday soon when i get some time to make…

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