Magento: Copy products to another magento via API script

One of my clients has a total of 3 magento installs running and every so often they need the same product from their main one to the other 2. I am not a big fan of the magento export import feature as it always has problems. So i put together this really quick and simple php script that uses the magento API to copy a product from one store to another.

I thought someone else might like to look into it to get an idea of how the API can be used to do such things. it can be slow ( as it does the images too ) so to do a lot of products it wouldn’t be the best way unless you got the time. but feel free to have a look anyway.

It uses the SOAP API in magento and if you wanting to use it remember to setup a SOAP user and access role in both your magento installs under System > Web Services.
And then download the script below and go through each file and put in the API user details and your magento store api url.

please note that this script is very basic and has no security to it, so if you do put it in a live environment password protect the directory or something as if someone finds it they will be able to exploit it.

if i get enough interest in it i am thinking about making a big proper script to do things like this so one does not have to use the import export features of magento.

Magento API Product Copy Script