magento disable or enable product filters for individual categories

this is a handly little magento extension i have used for a few magento installations. It adds some attributes to a category so you get a maulti select list box of all the filterable product attributes available and then you can have it either disable those attributes ( and enable all non selected ) or enable them ( and disable all non selected ) .  Such as below…

you can download the extension here: enable or disable product filters magento extension

just upload the above unziped folder and contents into your magento folder.

The above extension will give you these options and all but you just have to edit your layered navigation view file to enable these features on the front end, i didn’t include this as a few extensions out these will have modified this file such as a few i use.

so in your magento folder go to /app/design/frontend/*yourdesignpackage*/*yourtheme*/template/catalog/layer/view.phtml

and if it is not there, great. simply copy a fresh version from your base package: /app/design/frontend/base/default/template/catalog/layer/view.phtml

so open it up to edit. and around line 47 look for this line

either below or above that line add this code

now below your new code you will come across a php foreach loop like this:

replace it with this:

or you can download a fresh file here with my modifications: view.phtml

Clear your cache, logout of the admin and re-login.
and give it a try .

and problems or additions please let me know in the comments.