Magento use images on multiple Products

So i have a client who has a lot of the same products in magento but with slight changes, so they use the same image for them all. and as many would know, in magento when you upload a product image you can’t use it again for another, you have to re upload it again. So it would be nice to have a image template system or image set you can assign to more then one product.

So i asked a friend about this, and he shared a small extension he made with me to have image sets. but you could not assign it as a main image to use in the catalog so i added to add a bit. I had to do a bit of a rush job as i am about to go away for xmas so if you find some bugs please let me know, or if you improve it. it is a little limiting but does the job.

you can download it here: prodimgshare

upload the files, clear you cache, and under you catalog menu you will see image share.

now to finish getting it working you need to make one modification yourself. To get the actual image path you use this….

where attributename is either image, small_image or thumbnail. And productid is the product image you want to get.
but if you edit this file:


and around line 161 you will find this:

and replace it with this:

give it a try and let me know how you go.